Balsicas Semidetached 1 Bed House SPSNB1105


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  • spsnb1105-36Balsicas Semidetached 1 Bed House
  • Balsicas Semidetached 1 Bed House
  • Balsicas Semidetached 1 Bed House
  • Balsicas Semidetached 1 Bed House
  • Balsicas Semidetached 1 Bed House
  • Balsicas Semidetached 1 Bed House
  • Balsicas Semidetached 1 Bed House
  • Balsicas Semidetached 1 Bed House
  • Balsicas Semidetached 1 Bed House
  • Balsicas Semidetached 1 Bed House
  • Balsicas Semidetached 1 Bed House
  • Balsicas Semidetached 1 Bed House

Lovely Balsicas semidetached 1 bed house located in a beautiful residential development called Sierra Golf that surrounds an 9-hole Golf Course, with a future extension project to 18 holes. It is basically aimed at those who wish to enjoy nature, but with all the services that the city offers. The houses have 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, lounge/dinning area, open independent, dressing room and garden all on a good size plot.

Lovely Balsicas semidetached 1 bed house is the perfect place for Golf lovers, and also for those who enjoy green areas as a place of leisure, beauty and peace.

Its strategic position allows all the families that decide to live in this Resort to have at their disposal all the things that anyone may wish to have: a climate where the sun shines the whole year round, nearby beaches, the Mar Menor and its natural muds with tested curative effects.

Balsicas, is a relatively large village only 12 kilometres inland from the Mar Menor. The village contains a mixture of old and new, which means there is plenty to look at as you wander around, stopping in the lovely park and seeing the asymmetric church. The old castle is sometimes open and is a real treasure trove of antique pieces, like massive doors, huge fireplaces and many other old objects. The weekly street market is held every Thursday afternoon and the train line connects Cartagena to Murcia, so offers some great day out possibilities.

Trains run every day from here; south to Torre Pacheco and Cartagena and north to the city of Murcia and beyond and driving a short distances to the San Javier airport just 20 minutes.

San Javier is a town situated on the coast of the Mar Menor, its history began after the period of the Berber invasions in the area. It arose around a shrine that was built at the beginning of the 17th century and dedicated to the Apostle San Francisco Javier. Its territory, which is dedicated to agriculture and the sea, has the outstanding coastal locations of Santiago de la Ribera and La Manga del Mar Menor, both of eminent tourist interest. Santiago de la Ribera was created in 1888 with the construction of a shrine dedicated to the Apostle St. James. Currently, this modern-looking town has a beautiful sea front and holds on to its fishing village flavour. La Manga, which mostly belongs to the municipality of San Javier, offers the possibility of choosing between two seas with different temperatures, saltiness and waves. Moreover, its special qualities for water sports and its wide range of leisure and accommodation possibilities have turned it into a magnificent tourist resort. San Javier perhaps widens the options for the rural tourist with its many inland villages and protected areas away from the coast.

Balsicas Semidetached 1 Bed House SPSNB1105

  • MLS: SPSNB1105
  • Address: Balsicas, Murcia
  • Location: ,
  • Zip: 30591
  • Status: New
  • Mortgage: Available
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Lot Size: 164 Sq Mts
  • Building Size: 64 Sq Mts
  • Total Rooms: 2